From Bloomsbury, for readers of ages 9 and up Twelve-year-old Ariel knows that if a friendly tree gives you advice, you should take it. Unfortunately, unlike her best friend, Zeke, she hasn't the talent for speaking with trees. So when she finds a mysterious relic in the woods, leafy warnings only confuse matters, and she assumes the telling dart is merely an artifact from a forgotten age. But when the dart gets Ariel kidnapped, she realizes her discovery was no accident. If she's clever enough to escape, perhaps she can also unravel what the dart can reveal about a legendary treasure and her own startling calling.

2009 Cybils Award Finalist, middle-grade fantasy and science fiction category Bank Street College 2010 "Best Book"

"At once elegant and lyrical, while also offering an intensely paced and action-driven plot for readers who are seeking adventure." Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"An absorbing fantasy... The story offers crisp dialogue, an exciting plot and strong secondary characters.... A hopeful contribution to post-apocalyptic literature." Kirkus

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Under the eye of a sinister moon, Ariel discovers a baffling map. Determined to follow it, she and her friends embark on a dangerous mission to discover the source of her telling dart before an ingenious trap set in the past can erase Ariel's future.

"Sensel excels in her vivid descriptions of the setting, the characters, and the adventures they experience. The theme of finding and accepting one's true calling resonates in this second book as much as it did in the first." School Library Journal

"Vivid world building and tight pacing mark this sequel, further distinguished by rich characters with believable relationships." Booklist

"Good and satisfying, just like the first. Joni Sensel knows how to tell a good story." Becky's Book Reviews Gold Star of Excellence,

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Unable to choose between an old love and a new one, Ariel sets out to escape the conflict and return a dead enemy's knife to its source. There, she meets a new friend with a smuggler's savvy and a talent for charming the wind. Yet Ariel's failure to let go of the past lends strength to an evil that soon threatens the life of someone she loves. To save him, she must travel to a place where few dare to walk. If she fails, neither she nor her most beloved friends will survive.

My travels in both Ireland and New Zealand inspired these books. In particular, charismatic boulders near Queenstown and impressive trees in the Christchurch botanical garden began speaking to me. When I listened, Ariel and Zeke and their stories began to take shape.

I was recently interviewed on blogradio about The Farwalker's Quest, courtesy of Suzanne Lieurance of Book Bites for Kids. To listen, download the MP3 file (7 MB).

My own farwalking trip
In 2008, I set off on a walking adventure in England and France, where I walked more than 650 miles and was inspired to write what I hope will become the third book in the Farwalker series. Check out my adventures on my Farwalking blog!